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3997312896_814552e069_oIf you were asked what the most important part of any pest control service was, what would be your answer? Well, most folks might answer service and effort or both! Most readers of this article who own homes or other property are fully aware that pest problems arise from time to time that require you, the homeowner, to seek professional help in controlling those nasty varmints. This, in itself, can be a daunting task in choosing an Exterminator Gilbert AZ pest control company when you know for sure, that professional help may involve a nasty smell that can linger and linger. So, the question before the house of common sense is: “Is that smell really necessary?” And the answer is NO!

That said, perhaps this article should cut those rodents a little slack. Most of the creatures do not make a nuisance of themselves; especially when they don’t interfere with property, activities and humans. Actually, the fact is that less than one percent of a pest species are, well, pests that affect your lives in a negative manner. However, some rodents like insects and termites alone cost Americans about $1.5 billion bucks each year in damage control and repair; more than the combined cost of all natural disasters. Ergo, is it any wonder most of us wait until the last minute to make that appointment phone call to the usual suspects: pest control companies, then sending your son or daughter to the nearest drug store for a box of those “doctor masks” which may protect your breathing but not really the smell?

To avoid the drug store masks while the ongoing pest control is at work creating that smell that is undeniable to any human, it might be wise that you investigate a pest control Phoenix that uses the least toxic methods possible while protecting both your family, your pets and the environment. In your choice, it might also be wise to know that you’ll be dealing with highly trained professionals who will cover the bases by identifying the conundrum, develop and execute a plan to eliminate your pest headache, and furthermore, take immediate steps to prevent other family friends of those pesky pest from entering your home and unpacking their suitcases of trouble.

If you are committed to a green pest control to help the environment, these three steps should be on your pest control company’s agenda.

  • Non-Chemical Control. This concept refers to, but is not limited to, things like traps and monitors for insects and rodents as well 4913093626_a5b454566b_bas the use of high temperatures or freezing temps for pest control
  • Organic / Natural Control Methods. Which is simply using a fine dust powder for areas like attics, cracks and crevices and sub areas
  • Inspections And Monitoring. Locating the problem before it becomes a major problem
  • Prescriptive Treatments. To help the environment, green pest control relies on a minimum of pesticide, natural or not. Some homes require specific results using all natural materials. Other areas only require inspections in areas where activity is noted.