Attention Snowbirds!

Attention Snowbirds! If you’ve just moved to the Phoenix area from Wisconsin or Canada surely your Uncle Fred who lives in Sun City has told you about those nasty little creatures that infest and call the desert area their home. We’re talking about scorpions and rattlesnakes, folks. And those two pests are just for starters. Unless you are diligent in controlling all the desert pests you’ll see who would love to make your home or apartment or business their personal residence, you’ll spend way too much of your time just being on the outlook for those pesky pests, including termites, and using enough “bug spray” cans to build a house. And if you’ll pardon a quick recommendation, the continuing smell and inhaling of that bug spray could make you not feel very good; ergo, a do-it-yourself pest control is not the answer. Rather you should go with a¬†Pest Control San Tan Valley AZ professional to¬†alleviate yourself from any chemical risks.


All that said, in case you missed the memo, there are professional non-chemical and natural options to control pests in the Phoenix area. Look, folks. If you’ve seen insects crawling around on your kitchen countertop or a scorpion hustling across your bedroom floor or getting a little sunshine on your new outdoor patio walkway, or other pests damaging your property, it’s time to take action.

All pests have natural enemies which is why you should give strong consideration to locating an environmentally friendly organic pest control company and have a nice chat about solving your problem. Surely a city the size of metro Phoenix has plenty of these type of pest control companies who eschew the usual methods and looked to Mother Nature for a parachute, not dangerous chemicals that are pretty rattle snake3much formulated to make you, your kid and your loving pets sick. So the common sense questions is, why go “natural?” The answer is really simple when you stop to think about it. It doesn’t or at least, shouldn’t take a bucket full of nuclear waste to kill a snake, scorpion or any other annoying bug.

Research has shown that there are pages full of ideas and realities on how to kill a bug without stamping your foot on it. Soapy water and hair spray can kill bugs. That’s why Mother Nature has provided plenty of materials that will keep bugs at bay. The fact is, if not for the Nature Lady, everybody would be up to their eyeballs in bugs. If pest control is done correctly, there’s not one single need for the use of dangerous chemicals.